Dragonborn Paladin from balaclaw


Errion Stalh was traversing thru the mountains of Balaclaw in search of an ancient artifact. While on his journey he runs into a feisty young Dragon Born name Balrash. Balrash proved to be both very strong and very chrasmatic and accompanied Errion for the remainder of the trek. Errion taught Balrash many things over their time together but it was the talk of the Gods that resonated most with Balrash. With little convincing Balrash joined Errion in Winter Haven to be taught the ways of the Paladin.


balrash is a contridiction in the dragonborn(DB) world. he was born from a mother and father of red scales with the breath of fire and so was all of his ancsetors(known). the breath is ice, no DB in his village understands why he has a different breath.


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